Blilzkreig Ball

“Wow! Look at all of you. What a show, WHAT-A-NIGHT! Who’s having fun? Please, I’m your host, The Grandmaster. A big round of applause for all of our undercard bots who played and lost gruesomely, but good sports. What a show! What a night! This is what you’ve come for and so have I. And now, without further ado... it’s main event time!!

It is hard to find someone, who does not like football in this planet of magicians like only to name a few, Messi, Ronaldo and Iniesta. Blood running madly through the veins, the virtual world of Nou Camp, Wembly or Old Trafford becomes the next keen to you in champions league or world cup nights. Why don't you to give your Robos that chance to make a game of your very own? Imagine yourself as on the hotseat of Guardiola or Klopp, and run your team of robo-cars to the road to victory!

“Gone are those times when soccer was bound by a multitude of rules...Tonight, Ladies and gentlemen... I give you... astonishingly savage, raw action-packed 1v1 soccer...THE BLITZKRIEG BALL.

Srijan'19, along with Jadavpur University Science Club presents you the golden opportunity to manage your own team of robo-cars to win the title of Robo Soccer.

Gear up, we are left with few days only!

“Challengers!! WELCOME to the arena of champions.”

Problem Statement

Build a manually controlled (wired or wireless) bot capable of competing in a one on one game of soccer.


General Rules

Event Rules


Arena Specifications

Robot Specifications

Additional Details


Elimination Stage (2+2 mins)

All teams play one match. 8 teams with highest points qualify.


Knockout Stage (4+4 mins for Final and 3+3 for others)

There will be Quarter-Finals, Semi-Finals and then the Finals.