Bridge The Gap

Rudyard Kipling once wrote, "We are all islands shouting lies to each other across seas of misunderstandings". To connect the dots, we try all through our life to build bridges to reach out to hearts around us. You not necessarily have to be an engineer or architect always to put the effort of realizing a bridge hence .

Srijan'19 brings you the opportunity to take part in such a bridge making challenge, where you will be required to build prototypes of bridges with everyday materials provided by us.

Won't you try to show how great as a builder you are?


Bridges have always played a key role in development of road network. They have been a symbol of art, science, good architecture and engineering skill. Tempted by how they are designed, well you have opportunity to step up. Bridge the gap is popsicle stick suspension bridge model making competition for students passionate about design. It is an on spot event, an exercise in making the most efficient possible bridge model within given constraints.

Problem Statement

Make a suspension bridge using popsicle and gum on the event day.


Materials provided

Extra details


To make the Suspension bridge and present the detailed explanation of your work in front of the judges panel.

Scoring and Judging Criteria