This era of knowledge and information demands finding a match in wavelength with some sphere of art or technology, whatever it may appeal the most. We all aspire to find the match, and once found, our resonated brain acts always wiser in its own domain.

Does yours resonate at the wavelength of nanometers? Do you find your brain teeming with ideas around Brownian motions of electrons around electrical circuits? Does the cosmic dance of atoms in sub micron level excites you to the extreme?

Well, if your answers are all yes, we have a solution for you.

Srijan'19 brings to you Electroniche-2019, the annual Circuit solving event of the tech fest of Jadavpur University with lots of problems waiting for you to play with.

Stop wasting time anymore and get yourself registered for the Electroniche'19.

Our Circuits are long left untouched. Let the resonance begin.....