Elevator Pitch

Beating your own drum, that's the trend of 21st Century, they say. You might have a super interesting story, or an idea to run the mad out of anyone's head. But it can go completely valueless unless it is heard out, heard out by the people of the your world out there.

But if everyone around you busy in talking, then who is to pay attention to your words? Anyone's idea is mind-boggling to him or her, Does anyone care to share the space with you at all?

You must need a platform to pitch your idea as the very first step of doing something really great with them.

We, at Srijan'19, promise to you to be good listeners. Srijan'19 brings to you, "Elevator Pitch", to provide you a space to show case your ideas...

See you on the platform, Oh mastermind!


We live in an age where innovations happen everyday, cutting edge technologies with the potential to change the world are being made (or thought of) almost every year. But, humans have always been the impatient type. Hence, Elevator pitch presentation for young innovators is the need of the hour.

General rules

All participants are required to register individually for the event from Srijan website. Participants will be given 3 minutes pitching time(and 1 minute Q-A).

Submission of a Presentation/abstract is NOT necessary for participation. However, they can submit the presentation(not more than 6-8 slides) /abstract(maximum 2 pages) if they want and/ or bring a pen drive on the event day containing the same.

A panel of judges will judge the pitches and the top 10(subject to changes depending on the quality of ideas as per the decision of the judge panel) individuals go to the final round. In the Final round(post Lunch break), participants are allowed to modify their presentations and/or their pitch before presenting them again to the panel of judges. The top ideas are eligible for exciting prizes!

Topic would be open(any innovative feasible business idea/plan can be pitched). The individuals who registered would be screened according to their idea description and ppt link they are expected to add in the Registration form and the best teams would be called to pitch on day.