As you are reading this, I’m about to board the plane that will take me home; to India. If everything goes as planned without any delay, at this exact moment, I should be taking off from Bangkok towards Germany, UAE, Myanmar and eventually, home. I am finally sitting on board that same plane that I’ve already cancelled and postponed 3 times. It’s bittersweet, I’m still shitty at saying goodbyes to old friends, new road friends and places, despite the millions I’ve already said in the last few months. But it is time.

I’ve finally accomplished all the things I wanted to do during this long solo journey and this chapter of my life is now complete. In the best way possible in fact. I couldn’t ask for more. The world in all it’s beauty and cruelty has shaped that scared, lonely, helpless little “girl” crying desperately at the Mumbai airport in September 2015. That girl does not exist anymore and she has been replaced by a stronger, fulfilled, empowered woman who loves herself and the world around. I can travel alone. I can travel alone for twenty months (and counting). And not only I can, I LOVE IT.

I am ready to go home now. After so much struggle and hustle, doubts and failures, today and for the past few months, I am standing tall on the tiny successes of my location independent lifestyle and since it’s been exactly 12 months that I’ve been able to travel only with the income made on the road, I can finally call myself a real digital nomad and for this I stick a little invisible DN badge on my chest. YAY!! I made it. I freaking made it.

The journey has been incredible, powerful, amazing and especially humbling. The places and people I’ve met made me the person I am today. And I gotta be honest with you, I’m having a massive crush on myself right now. Like my first real self love in 25 years, mate.

As I have learned so much about myself, I realized that I was more scared of the known than the unknown. I realized the fear that normally entangles people to stay in normal lives was what boosted and fueled my trip. Where others remain stuck in the intricate world of doubts, fears, insecurities, I took advantage of them and decided to shape new opportunities just for myself.

And I forgave myself. I realized that all the things I did, I said, I wanted, were necessary. Every single little thing. Finally, I looked up to the mirror, deep into my big black eyes and while hugging my naked self, I said the words: “you are forgiven”.

I am ready now, help me find my way back home.

Problem Statement

Build a robot that can trace a complicated network of paths and crossroads, using line following.


General Rules

Event Rules


The different coloured parts represent the different segments of the arena. The arena shown in the figure is only a sample. The actual arena will be revealed on spot.

Arena Specifications

Additional Details


Follow the line to cover the maximum number of segments in minimum time.


Prelims Scoring

If the robot crosses n segments, Total points = nx+ (180 - t) (where x is the points awarded for crossing each segment and t is the time taken to traverse the line in seconds)


Finals Scoring

Total points = ∑xi - ∑yj + (300 - t)
i signifies the segments crossed successfully,
j signifies the segments skipped,
xi = points awarded for crossing the ith segment,
yj = points deducted for skipping the jth segment,
t = time taken to traverse the line in seconds,
(Note : x, xi and yj will be disclosed on the day of the competition)