The prime wealth to be possessed in 21st century is said to be data. Information in legit fields, as much as one can gather is the Alohomora to the world of ignorance, misinformation and illiteracy. And more over, given they are dug deep enough, each world of quest awaits with its inner elegance to charm the seeker.

Do you think, you have gathered enough of them there inside your brain to woo others with the level of your intelligence ?

Come, test your cascet of data against the masters of Srijan'19. We bring to you Mindsparkz'19, a quizzing experience you may forget never.

Let the game begin!


विद्ित्िंच नपृ त्िंच नैि तुल्यंकदाचन ।

स्िदेशेपूज्यतेराजा विद्िान्सिवत्र पूज्यते।।

Asking questions has been our nature since the world came into existence. A man who knows the world around is prosperous. This event is all about WHAT DO YOU KNOW ABOUT IT!!. Traditional quizzing technique with modern version of presentation is here in front of you all.Check your Itihas, bhugol, Skytech and mitologia only in MIND SPARK. Be ready because GYAN HI AAPKO AAPKA HAQ DILATA HAI.