The High Road

What does it like to be an entrepreneurship aspirant in college life? Taking part in various B-model competitions, striking your brain with some long distant ideas, preparing for case studies and stuff, aren't these all very common already? you are pretty much bored of pitching ideas and making ppts, doing same kind of things over and over again, aren't you?

Well, we at Jadavpur University E-Cell do surely share the same level of frustration with you. There we come with the thought of presenting you with something new this year....

An E-Commerce blended with virtual currencies and real marketplace waits for you in Srijan'19.

See you on "The High Road", in Srijan'19.


Unlike previous editions, this year, Jadavpur University Entrepreneurship Cell has come up with a different kind of event in the annual Techno Management fest, Srijan 2019. With Case Challenges and Business plans being all too common and kind of monotonous, we propose to organize a marketing event where teams can market the products(which will be provided to them) by choosing a base price for it. The other teams as well as volunteers/audiences/OC members can also participate by buying the products with virtual currencies. A fixed virtual currency will be provided to everyone which they can invest on the teams whose marketing of the product they preferred. Teams with maximum virtual money wins the competition and audience(s) who had invested on the top teams will also be eligible for exciting prizes!

Event Details

Top 2 individuals with maximum investor coins are eligible for prizes.

Incase of a tie, the time stamp of buying the product(by the audience) would be a decisive factor. Any other tiebreaker method/joint winner declaration to be decided by the event coordinators and event partners on day.